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License & Insurance Requirements

Workers Comp:

Key Coverage Requirements:

  • An employer engaged in the construction industry that employs one or more part time or full time employees or an employer in the non-construction industry that employs four or more part time or full time employees must have Florida workers compensation insurance.
  • An employer in the construction industry shall require any sub-contractor who sub-contracts work from the employer to provide evidence of Florida workers’ compensation insurance.  If the sub-contractor has a valid exemption, then the sub-contractor shall also provide a copy of his/her certificate of exemption to the employer per Florida Statute 440.10(C).
  • A change in job duties performed by employees or an increase in the amount of payroll of a business must be reported to the insurance company.
  • If an employer has secured workers’ compensation coverage for his/her employees by entering into an employee leasing arrangement, the employer must specifically identify coverage for each and every employee.  The employer must notify the employee leasing company of the names of all the covered employees and any additional employees that are working on a jobsite that may have been excluded from the employee leasing arrangement.  Any change in job duties performed by the employees must also be reported to the employee leasing company.

Key Exemption Eligibility Information:

An individual, as an officer of a corporation, who elects to be exempt may not recover workers’ compensation benefits.  Eligibility requirements and documentation which must be submitted with the exemption application are detailed in Florida Statue 440.05 and outlined below.

Non-construction industry corporate officer:

  • The corporation must be registered with the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations, Florida Statute 440.05 (11)
  • The applicant must be listed as an officer of the corporation in the records of the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations, Florida Statute 440.02 (15) (b) (2).
  • There is no limit to the number of corporate officers eligible for exemption.
  • There is no application fee.

Construction industry corporate officer, including a member of a limited liability company (LLC), Florida Statute 440.02 (9):

  • The corporation must be registered with the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations, Florida Statute 440.05 (11)
  • The applicant must be listed as an officer of the corporation in the records of the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations, Florida Statute 440.02 (15) (b) (2).
  • The applicant must own at least 10% of the stock of the corporation as evidenced by a stock certificate or in case of an LLC a notarized statement attesting to the minimum 10% ownership, Florida Statute 440.02 (9).
  • The applicant must list all certified or registered licenses issued to you pursuant to Chapter 489, Florida Statutes.
  • A $50.00 application fee is required, Florida Statute 440.05 (8) (a)
  • No more than three officers of a corporation (including LLC) or of any group of affiliated corporations) including LLC) may elect to be exempt, Florida Statute 440.02 (15) (b) (2).

Division Enforcement Provisions (Florida Statute 440.107)

  • The Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation is responsible for enforcing employer compliance with the coverage requirements of the workers’ compensation law.  Compliance investigators have the authority to conduct on-site inspections of job sites to ensure employer compliance.  Investigators can also request an employer’s business records.  An employer must produce the required business records within five days of the division’s written request for records.  If the employer fails to respond to the request within five business days, the division will issue a stop work order upon the employer requiring the employer to cease all business operations in the state.
  • A stop work order will also be issued to any employer who is required to secure Florida workers’ compensation coverage, but fails to do so.  A stop work order will also in cases where an employer may have a workers’ compensation policy but understates or conceals payroll, misrepresents or conceals employee duties or fails to utilize Florida’s class codes and workers’ compensation rates.
  • In order for the division to release a stop work order, an employer must provide evidence that it has come into compliance and has paid the monetary penalty, or entered into a payment agreement with the division.

To verify workers’ compensation insurance for a contractor please click here:

View a copy of our Workers’ Compensation insurance
View a copy of our General Liability insurance

License Requirements:

What services require a State of Florida License?


A contractor is someone who demolishes, subtracts from, builds or improves any building or structure for compensation.  Examples of compensation are cash, goods, services, etc.  Essentially, if you pay someone to construct a building or a structure, make structural alterations to load bearing walls, or perform services such as plumbing or air conditioning work, that person has to have a state contractors’ license.

These items are offered as examples of services you do need to hire a person with a Florida license and services you do not need to hire a person with a Florida license.  The list is not all inclusive.  If you have specific questions, please contact the Department of Business and Professional Regulations (DBPR) at 850-487-1395 or review the rules for the profession on their website at  You should also check with your county or city to learn whether or not a local business tax receipt is required for services that do not require a state license.  Please visit the DBPR unlicensed activity page to learn more about how you can help combat unlicensed activity.

Needs a License Does not need a license
Build a carport or sunroom for compensation Install a driveway or install pavers/tile walkways regardless of compensation
Construct a roof for compensation Install awnings that do not become a fixed part of the structure regardless of compensation
Install a dishwasher (requires connecting to drinking water) or replace a hot water heater for compensation Add a water filter onto a faucet regardless of compensation
Install central air-conditioning unit  for compensation (requires structural work and wiring) Insert a plug-in A/C window unit regardless of compensation
Clean central air and heat ducts for compensation (requires partial disassembly of the system, such as removal of air grills) Change an A/C filter or cleaning ducts that do not require removal of the air grills regardless of compensation
Repair or replace swimming pool pumps for compensation Clean swimming pools
  Install an above-ground pool regardless of compensation
Perform plumbing work or irrigation installation that requires the contractor to connect lines potable (drinking) water for compensation Install or repair irrigation systems that have a backflow preventer connected to potable (drinking) water supply regardless of compensation
Build a barn, metal building, or detached garage for compensation Install prefabricated tool shed less than 250 square feet in size regardless of compensation.  The shed may be up to 400square feet if it bears the insignia of approval from the Department of Community Affairs
Remodel a home that requires alteration or replacement of a load-bearing wall for compensation Paint; install cabinets, wood or tile flooring, and insulation regardless of compensation
Installation or replacement of drywall if the contract also includes work on the load bearing wall, plumbing, electrical or air-conditioning work. Installation or replacement of drywall if the contract does not include other work on the load bearing part of the wall or any plumbing, electrical, or air conditioning work.

View a copy of our license

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