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Why should you go with a state certified contractor?  The answer to that question is very simple; you only want someone who is qualified, by the state to do the work. To learn more please click here.

Miami-Dade NOAs and Florida Product Approval are the codes that contractors must follow when building.  These codes go for all products used and for all construction trades. To learn more please click here.

State & county licensed contractors are required to hold a certain amount of insurance and a certain type of license. To see the licenses and insurance that Advanced Roofing & Sheet Metal hold, please click here.

There are several types of rebates & incentives that can be offered to an individual or company. To see all of the rebates & incentives available please click here.

Many people do not understand the whys and hows of roofing.  To have a few of your questions answered please click here.  If you have questions that we do not answer please feel free to give us a call @ 1-888-386-4412.

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